No Strangers Here

by SixMileBridge

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Sean and Frances had much to do with the direction of this album. Their partnership in arranging and composition had become such a force in our dynamic, it only made sense to turn them loose in the studio and see what happened. Also with the addition of Frances' baby brother Tim on drums, the synergy was a thing to behold.

We had just moved from Houston to Upstate New York, met the wonderful engineer Lisa Sturz (now Mandeville) and made a heaping mess of her recording studio for drums and guitar tracks. Vocals and other instrumentation recorded at out new digs, The Lace House.


released July 11, 2000

Produced by Drennon/Johansson
Recorded by Lisa Sturz and Anders Johansson
Mixed by Anders Johansson
Mastered at Terra Nova, Austin
Graphics Jay Ford, cover Frances Cunningham

Frances plays a Davey Stuart cittern and a Fylde mandolin
Sean plays a flute by Terry McGee and whistles by Glenn Schultz
Maggie’s fiddle made by Dave Stronge
Tim uses Britton snare drums

Enormous gratitude to
Paul Domotor, George and Gigi Kidd, The Magee family, John and Peggy Sweeney, Dr. Josh, Harry O., Tim MacGlashen, David Daumit

Loving thanks to
The Newtons, The Cunninghams, Elaine and Lee Scott, The Binghams, The Keatings, Caroline and Norma, Mona and Jennifer Johansson, Owen and Anjelica, John McCusker, Alan Reid, Turlach Boylan



all rights reserved


Maggie Drennon New York, New York

Maggie Drennon is a premiere voice in Celtic singing, a long standing influence in folk music. She was a founding member of Ceili's Muse in 1989, and SixMileBridge in 1997

Now, with a solo performance that is meaningful yet lighthearted, she is deeply devoted to sharing Celtic traditions with American audiences.

Most importantly she brings us the soaring voice that will inspire your heart!
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Track Name: John Barleycorn
john barleycorn, trad.

there were three farmers in the north and as they were passing by
they swore an oath a mighty oath that john barleycorn must die
one of them says we’ll drown him and the other says hang him high
a whiff of the stick of the barley grain and a-beggin we will die
with me fal-er-a-lund-a-me too-ra-lunda-me whack-fal-diddle-di-ay

they put poor barley into the sack on that cold and rainy day
they carried him off to the garden field they buried him in the clay
the frost and the snow began to melt and the dew began to fall
and barley grain rolled up he said that he’d soon surprise them all

bein in the summer season with the harvest comin on
he stands up in the field with a beard like any man
the reaper came to wield his sickle he used me barbarously
he cut me by the middle so small he cut me above the knee

then next came master binder and he looked on me with a frown
for in the middle there was a thistle which bowled his courage down
the farmer came with his pitchfork he pierced me through the heart
like a thief and robber or highwaymen they tied me to the cart

the thresher came with his big flail he nearly broke me bones
would grieve the heart of any man just to hear me sighs and moans
the next thing that they done to me was to drown me in the well
they left me there for a day and a half or until i began to swell

the next thing that they done to me was they dried me in the kiln
they used me ten times worse than that when they ground me in the mill
the used me in the kitchen and the used me in the hall
they used me up in the parlor among the ladies all

the barley grain is a comical grain he makes men sigh and moan
for when they take a glass of me they forget their wives at home
the drunkard he is a dirty man and he uses me worst of all
he takes me up in his dirty mouth and he stumbles against the wall
Track Name: North Country Fair
if you’re travelling to the north country fair
where the wind blows heavy on the borderline
remember me to the one who lives there
for she once was a true love of mine

see for me that her hair’s hangin long
that her crimson curls fall down her breast
see for me that her hair’s hangin long
for that’s the way I remember her best

please see for me she has a cloak so warm
that it wraps around her up around her chin
please see for me she has a cloak so warm
to keep her from the howling wind

please see for me that her room is dry
that the peat is plenty and the fire is bright
please see for me that her room is dry
to keep her from the freezing night
Track Name: Marching
g. larkbey

daddy can you tell me what are they marching for
are they marching into battle are they marching into war
they are marching for their freedom they are marching for their right
they’re marching for the things they won’t give up without a fight
they’re marching for their freedom to speak and to hear
they’re marching for the things in life that we all hold so dear

daddy can you tell me why are they marching now
why do their banners say we are bloody but unbowed
they’ve faced the baton charges and they’ve nursed the ones who’ve bled
they know the sound of horses hooves and truncheons to the head
their leaders have been taken from their homes at dead of night
but they’ll not give up the battle no they’ll not give up the fight

daddy now they’re marching they’re marching by once more
and some of them are weeping as they pass on by our door
the papers said an accident and one said suicide
it seems that no one will admit just how the prisoner died
well i’ve seen a lot of life though i’m only ten times four
but a man who beat himself to death i’ve never seen before

daddy tell me why you talk in whispers on the phone
and why won’t you let me go and play out on my own
hush my child, don’t let them hear you talk in such a way
for they’ve passed a law to stop you from disputing what they say
and someday in the future when we can’t take anymore
we’ll march again and next time we’ll be marching into war
Track Name: Shoals of Herring
shoals of herring
e. maccoll

it was on a fair and a pleasant day
out of yarmouth harbor I was fairing
as a cabin boy on a sailing vessel
for to go and hunt the shoals of herring

o the work was hard and the hours were long
and the treatment there it took some bearing
there was little kindness and the kicks were many
as we hunted for the shoals of herring

with our nets and gear we’re fairing
on the wild and wasteful ocean
it’s there on the deep that we harvest and reap our bread
and hunt the bonnie shoals of herring

o we finished the swarth and the broken bank
i was cook and i’d a quarter sharing
and i used to sleep standing on my feet
and i’d dream about the shoals of herring

o we left the homeground in the month of june
and to canny shiels we soon were bearing
with a hundred cran of the silver darlings
that we’d taken from the shoals of herring

now you’re up on deck you’re a fisherman
you can swear and show a manly bearing
take your turn on watch with the other fellow
as you’re following the shoals of herring

in the stormy seas and the living gales
just to earn your daily bread you’re daring
from the dover straits to the faroe islands
you’re following the shoals of herring

o I earned my keep and I paid my way
and I earned the gear that I was wearing
sailed a million miles caught ten million fishes
we were sailing after shoals of herring
Track Name: The Crack was Ninety in the Isle of Mann
the crack was ninety in the isle of man

weren't we the rare oul' stock? spent the evenin gettin locked
in the ace of hearts where the high stools were engaging
over the butt bridge down by the dock the boat she sailed at five oclock
hurry boys said whack or before we're there we'll all be back
carry him if you can the crack was ninety in the isle of man

before we reached the alexander base the ding dong we did surely raise
in the bar of the ship we had great sport as the boat she sailed out of the port
landed up in the douglas head enquired for a vacant bed
the dining room we soon got shown by a decent woman up the road
lads ate it if you can the crack was ninety in the isle of man

next morning we went for a ramble round viewed the sights of douglas town
then we went for a mighty session in a pub they call dick darbies
we must have been drunk by half-past three to sober up we went swimmin in the sea
back to the digs for the spruce up and while waitin for the fry
we all drew up our plan the crack was ninety in the isle of man

that night we went to the texas bar came back down by horse and car
met big jim and all went in to drink some wine in yates’
the liverpool judies it was said were all to be found in the douglas head
mcshane was there in his suit and shirt them foreign girls he was tryin to flirt
sayin here girls i'm your man the crack was ninety in the isle of man

whacker fancied his good looks on an isle of man woman he was struck
but a liverpool lad was by her side and he throwin the jar into her
whacker thought he'd take a chance he asked the quare one* out to dance
around the floor they stepped it out and to whack it was no bother
everythin was goin to plan the crack was ninety in the isle of man

the isle of man woman fancied whack your man stood there till his mates came back
whack! they all whacked into whack and whack was whacked out on his back
the police force arrived as well banjoed a couple of them as well
landed up in the douglas jail until the dublin boat did sail
deported every man the crack was ninety in the isle of man

* quare one - woman
Track Name: Tiger Bay
tiger bay
l. spira

he worked his daily fourteen hours below
and rarely saw the sunset or sunrise
and he watched his little family try to grow
but he could see the sorrow in their eyes

they sold off almost everything they owned
from the little house they’d rented from the mine
said good bye to all the friends they’d ever know
and sailed away in nineteen twenty nine

they came a long long way
from tiger bay
on the wild wide sea
to be free free free

they huddled up on deck against the cold
smiling through the tears they tried to hide
and they wondered what the future years would hold
as they headed for toronto on the tide

well the steel works gives employment that’s a start
but what they found was worse than what they’d left
but with the taste of freedom burning in their hearts
september found them headed for the west

at calgary they saw the winter out
and the icy northern snows blew thick and wild
and late one night he heard his lady shout
that the time had come to have their precious child

well he did his best to save the seed he’d sown
and soon he heard the babie’s gentle cries
but the new life she had given cost her own
and he saw the love light dying in her eyes

the preachers words made such a mournful sound
as they laid her body in the frozen clay
and the dreams they shared were buried in the ground
in the foothills of the rockies far away
Track Name: The Barnyards of Delgaty
as i came in by turra market
turra market for to fee
i fell in wi' a farmer chiel
the barnyards of delgaty

lintin addie toorin addie
lintin addie toorin ee
lintin lowrin lowrin lowrin
the barnyards of delgaty

he promised me the ae best pair
that e’er i set my e'en upon
when i gaed to the barnyards
there was naething there but skin and bone

the auld black horse sat on its rump
the auld white mare lay on her wime
and for all that i could hup and crack
they wouldna rise at yokin' time

when i gae to the kirk on sunday
many's the bonnie lass i see
sitting by her faither's side
and winkin o'er the pews at me

i can drink and no be drunk
i can fecht and no be slain
i can lie wi another man's lass
and aye be welcome to my ain

noo my candle is brunt oot
my snotter's fairly on the wane
sae fare ye weel ye barnyards
ye'll never catch me here again
Track Name: Cowboy Song
cowboy song
p. lynott & b. downey

i am just a cowboy lonesome on the trail
starry night, campfire light
coyote calls and the howling winds wail
so i’ll let out to the old sundown

i am just a cowboy
lonesome on the trail
lord I’m just looking for a certain female
nights we spent together
riding on the range
looking back now it all seems so strange

roll me over and turn me around
let me spinning till i hit the ground
roll me over and let me go
riding free with the buffalo

i was stuck in texas
i did not know her name
oh these southern girls they all seem the same
down below the border
in a town in mexico
i got a job
bustin broncs with the rodeo


roll me over and let me go
and i’ll move my fingers up and down
up and down
it’s alright amigo just let me go
just let me go

Track Name: Brand New Legacy
brand new legacy
m. drennon

davey lives out on the plain
he knows the silence in his home
hides secrets and stories of people and places
long long forgotten long left behind
oh grandmother where did my family come from
remember for me what you’ve heard
my darling it’s over it’s worn out and gone
even as she recalls her own grandmothers words

go now leave now leave me right here
i can’t take no more of this lingering
go and find a new life forget all this strife
go find yourself a brand new legacy

davey goes to church and prays
in a faith just eighty years old
it’s a feeling he’s had since he was a lad
that something was his but never was told
oh who was that man they call patrick the saint
who taught all his people to see
did he speak the truth then did he touch my own kin
did he leave me his own legacy

he wonders why the songs of ireland
strike deep in his heart and his blood
he won’t know his clan fought against poverty wrought
by the landlords and kings throughout his homeland
when the chieftain was hunted and fled for his life
his true love had bid him goodbye
knowing she’d never see him or speak of him more
and his story would die with the darkening sky
Track Name: A Man's a Man for a' That
is there for honest poverty that hangs his head and a’ that
the coward slave we pass him by we dare be poor for a’ that
for a’ that and a’ that our toils obscure for a’ that
their rank is but their guinea stamp the man’s the gold for a’ that

for tho on homely fare we dine wear hodden* gray and a’ that
give fools their silks and knaves their wine a man’s a man for a’ that
for a’ that and a’ that their tinsel show an a’ that
the honest man tho e’re so poor is king of men for a’ that

you see yon birkie* called a lord wha’ struts and stares and a’ that
tho hundreds worship at his word, he’s but a fool for a’ that
for a’ that and a’ that his ribband star and a’ that
the man of independent mind he looks and laughs at a’ that

a prince can make a belted knight a marquis, duke and a’ that
but an honest man’s above his might good faith! he must not fall, that
for a’ that and a’ that their dignities and a’ that
the pith* of sense and pride of work are higher rank than a’ that

then let us pray that come it may and come it will for a’ that
that sense o’ worth o’er all the earth shall bear the gree* for a’ that
for a’ that and a’ that it’s comin’ yet, for a’ that
that man to man the world o’er shall brothers be, for a’ that!

*Old Scots terms:
hodden: roughest, poor quality wool
birkie: young lad
pith: core, substance
bear the gree: have first priority